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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ditching The Glasses

In Letting Go Of The Glasses I expressed after 35 years of wearing glasses, I was finally ready to try contacts. It's time to ditch the glasses. Two years ago I started wearing bifocals, and they, Air Optix, makes a bifocal contact. How cool is that!

Monday, at my appointment I was fitted for contacts. After watching a short video, it was my turn to try it. With confidence I can do this, quickly turning into how in the world am I going to get this in my eye.

Because I always do things from left to right, I started with my left eye. My reflexes had me squinting, blinking, and letting go of my eye. After 30 minutes, and an irritated left eye, I decided to try the right one. The right eye was proving to be just as difficult as the left.

After 15 minutes, of struggling the nurse suggested I come back another day and practice. With that said, I relaxed and put the right contact in, and a few minutes later the left eye was done. I was determined to leave there wearing contacts, no matter how long it took!

That afternoon when leaving work, things kept looking a bit awkward. I called my husband and told him, one eye wasn't seeing like the other. I went back to the doctor's office, and he made an adjustment. Wa-la... that did the trick.

Later that evening as my eyes started getting tired, it was time to take the contacts out. Again, I started with the left eye. Trying to remove them like the video showed, and the nurse suggested wasn't working.

My dad would say, "there's more than one way to skin a cat," so I called my cousin who's been wearing contacts for long time. She gave me the same advice Krystal Grant did, "Slide the contact down, and to the side (away from your pupil), then pinch it out with your index finger and thumb. After only a few attempts I had both the right, and left contacts out.

Yesterday, I did just as they said and was able to put both contacts in with out incident. I had them in 10 minutes. Last night, no issues, and my eyes weren't irritated and blood shot.

Contacts... another first in my 40s. Now, I want to find a pair of shades. I've NEVER had a pair... NEVER!!!


Step-parent's Cove said...


I need to take my son to the eye doctor. It has been four years since he got his first pair of glasses. Sadly, monies were spent on his education. BUT I am glad for you! You go girl!

ArtDeal said...

Yay! Welcome to the contacts family. Our stories are similar except, I didn't get a video maybe that something new. I got my first pair as gift when I turn 16. My advice is don't completely get rid of your glasses. There will be days when you are are tired, stay away from smokers, and be very careful with the lens. I have one move up in my eye, had another rip while I was wearing them. I hope that doesn't scare you. That was in the beginning though but no problem now.

KRystal Grant said...

Oh how I love my contacts. I've been wearing them for almost 14 years. It was very difficult for the first few weeks but I got the hang of it. Now, I wear my contacts during the day but when I come home, I immediately take them out and put on my glasses.

I was thinking about getting a lasik surgery but the doctor said at my age I'd still need reading classes because there are some things that lasik can't correct. So, I decided against the surgery.

As far as shades I bought a pair of $45.00 Fossil ones. I know that's expensive but I was going to Miami so I had to have a pair of nice ones. They've lasted me for almost two years and are in perfect condition.

Congrats on the contacts. Be sure not to fall asleep in them. They will never come out of you do that. Your eyes get too dry and they stick to your eyeball!

hangingwithangie said...

Congrats. They are tricky at first but practice makes perfect.

MOMSWEB said...

I refuse to get anywhere near my eyeball. You go right ahead, brave one!

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