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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jumping For Better Health

Two weeks ago, I bought a pretty orange jump rope, and have yet to use it. Last week I started walking, doing a walk to 5K program. This week, I'm adding that cute little jump rope to my workout.

Springing forward with daylight savings time has me feeling like doing nothing. After reading Wifey's blog, I decided to push myself, and get it done. Next week, I want to add something else to my workout, but have no clue yet. It won't be push-ups, I have NO upper body strength at all!

My daughter's team workout is intense. They do different drills with ladders, push ups and sit ups with the basket ball, along with many other drills. I thought about joining them, but my kids would be so embarrassed. Maybe next week, I'll incorporate some of their workout into my own.

What do you do to stay motivated, and what type of workout do you do?


hangingwithangie said...

I haven't jumped rope in years. Girl do what feels comfortable to you. It's nothing like staying in shape is it?

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Jumping rope with my girls is just as much a part of spring for me as pollen. I have to find a few hoola hoops as well. We are the hoola hoop queens!

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