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Friday, February 10, 2012

Milton Crenshaw - Tuskegee Airmen

This week my Electronic News Gathering class, at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Milton Crenshaw, the last surviving supervising squadron commander flight instructor of the Tuskegee Airmen, of World War II.

At 93, Crenshaw is sharp, and quick witted, and can talk, "until Jesus returns," he laughed.

Mr. Crenshaw shared his experiences at Tuskegee, and training just under 1,000 men, but stressed the importance of getting a good education, and having a relationship with God. He's depended on God for almost 100 years, and "He's always taken care of me," Crenshaw said.

Although I met Mr. Crenshaw this week, I grew up knowing his father, Rev. J.C. Crenshaw. He was the assistant pastor of the church I grew up in, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. Since his return to Arkansas, Mr. Crenshaw and my parents have become very good friends. In fact, they are responsible for him being there.

What wasn't said, or made known during the visit, Rev. Crenshaw is also an Arkansas Black History maker. He was the president of Little Rock NAACP chapter, during the Central High Crisis. Both are highlighted in an Arkansas Black History coloring book for their accomplishments.

There was also another gentleman in the audience who is a Tuskegee Airmen. Mr. Thomas Vaughn who retired from UAPB's Agriculture Department in 1986, and lives in Pine Bluff. I've seen Mr. Vaughn numerous times, and had no idea. We're surrounded by so much history, not just black history, and we don't have a clue.

I challenge you to learn from those around you, especially older people. Once they're gone, so is the information they hold.

Photo Credits: Alvin Williams (my dad).


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