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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Owe Gina Neely An Apology

I am a huge fan of Food Network! My favorite personalities are Paula Deen, and the Neely’s. They’re all from the south, and our cooking styles are similar.

I love greens, collards, turnips, and mustard’s. In the south, we boil our greens, with pork, smoked turkey, or other meat for added flavor, for hours.

This summer while watching an episode of Down Home With The Neely’s, Gina sauteed collard greens. I was horrisprised! We’re from the same geographical region, and neighboring states, where we DO NOT saute greens (so I thought)!

Admittedly, I turned my nose up to sauteed collard greens! I would expect that from Martha Stewart, but surely NOT Gina Neely.

I had to share this with my friend, who loves greens as much as I do. She wasn’t surprised at all. Another lady we both know made them for a brunch, and got rave reviews. Although not convinced, it was on my mind.

Finally, after months of contemplating… I gave in. It was time for me to try sauteed collard greens.
Armed with two recipes from Tyler Florence, and Emeril Lagasse, and three bunches of greens, I was ready.

I washed, sauteed, and simmered the greens for 45 minutes. Just in case my family and I didn’t like them, I played it safe and only cooked three bunches. They were delicious, and I regret not making more!

Dear Gina Neely,
I apologize for doubting you, and collard greens. From now on, I promise to keep an open mind, and fork in hand.

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mrstdj said...

Too funny! I've not tried to saute greens, but I have eaten braised kale. Talk about DELICIOUS!! I'm not a fan of the Neely's on air, but I do like a few of their recipes.

Krystal Grant said...

Hahaha! You said "horrisprised". Hilarious. I wouldn't know the difference between sauted greens and boiled greens because I can't cook at all!

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