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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Break Is Over

Christmas break is officially over today. The kids have gone back to school, and it's back to work I go.

It wasn't an amazing break, but it was a good break. I got a chance to rest, and watched a couple of movies I'd been waiting to be released on DVD... 'The Help,' and 'Rise of the Planet of The  Apes.'

This summer, I fell in love with 'The Help,' after reading the book. Although there were things in the book that didn't make it to the movie... it was great! I loved hearing Aibileen tell Mae Mobley, "You is kind... you is smart... you is important," just as much as I did reading it. And when Minny told Hilly to "Eat.My.Shit," I laughed all over again!

'The Help,' is right up there with 'The Color Purple,' for me... Classic!

The last 'Planet of the Apes,' had me waiting for 'The Rise of The Planet of the Apes.' Although it didn't pick up where it left off, I did enjoy it. I found myself rooting for Caesar, and when he spoke... I was done! Absolutely brilliant, I never saw it coming.

The day after Christmas, I had #pajamaparty! I stayed in my pajama's all day long, and I didn't cook at all! It was every man, woman and child for themselves. I watched TV, ate, slept, and ate some more. *deep sigh* A very good day!

There was one mishap... if I can call it that. We didn't put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving like usual. I just didn't have the Christmas Spirit. Finally the week of Christmas, Babygirl pulled the tree out of the attic, and down stairs. While she started putting it together, I ran out and bought red and white stripped mesh, and candy canes to decorate our tree. And that's all that made it onto that tree! No ornaments. No lights. Yes, it was a little sad looking.

Each year, after Christmas we put the ornaments and tree back in their boxes, and put them back in the attic. Babygirl could not find them.

Yesterday, we took the tree down, and cleaned out the attic (one of last years resolutions), throwing out a ton of stuff that we were just holding on to. There was no sign of the ornament box.

How in the world could a box that big go missing???

Now that left over Christmas decorations are on sale, I'll buy for Christmas 2012.

Right now, I have tunnel vision... Spring Break '12, here I come!!!


MOMSWEB said...

Glad I dropped by! I made a mistake of watching 'The Help' before reading the book, but I did enjoy it! I agree, it's right up there with "The Color Purple."

mrstdj said...

Once I knew that they were doing a movie, I stopped reading. I wanted to watch the movie first. I enjoyed it thoroughly. LOL @ y'all losing the ornaments. Now that's funny!

ichoosethesun said...

You know those ornaments are gonna show up as soon as you buy the new ones right? LOL Glad you enjoyed your break :)

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Thanks for reminding my about The Help. I want to see it again, so that's a good excuse to buy it. Do you ever look in the mirror at yourself and say, "You is kind... you is smart... you is important"? I do!! LOL! I just wanted to let you know that I look at a picture of myself last night for earlier this summer and I'm having haircut fever. I'm still short but I've got a "long" part that isn't going to work when the weather warms up. ;-)

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