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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dinner At Big Daddy's House

Picture credit - Carol Cain @NYCMama - Blogaliicous11

This week, my family and I are having dinner at Big Daddy's House. Okay, so we're not actually going to Aaron McCargo Jr.'s house for dinner. Instead, this week I'm cooking from his new cook book, Simply Done, Well Done.

Blogalicious11 attendees received a copy of Chef McCargo's book, in our conference swag bag. We also had the opportunity to meet him during an autograph session, and cooking demonstration. I love Chef McCargo, and have been a fan since he was a contestant, and  won The Next Food Network Star. Immediately I knew would cook from his book, and write about it, similar to Julie & Julia, the blog and movie.

I started this project with the Spicy Cheeseburger Soup, which was originally scheduled for Tuesday's dinner. After grocery shopping Saturday, the weather was cold and damp, and I wanted something warm and comforting. This soup it was!

I did everything by the book, except for one little thing... the diced jalapeno chile peppers. My family is not fond of spicy. I substituted a can of mild, Rotel.

Not only was this soup comforting, it was delicious!

When cooking something new, I can't tell my family what it is. They'll turn their noses up, and say "I don't like that," even before trying it. Mr. Husband is a meat, beans, potato, and rice man. He's not interested in creativity and experimenting, when it comes to food. He thinks I use them as guinea pigs. Although he always eats what I cook, doesn't mean he likes it. But this recipe, he loved!

"Now this is good chef," Mr. Husband complimented. Calling me chef was his way of letting me know just how much he liked it. I was beaming!

Not only did he get seconds... he ate it after church, while I was making dinner, and announced he'd be having it for lunch on Monday. And he did. It's safe to say, we (Chef McCargo and I) hit it out of the park.

Rating: 4 Forks

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book as swag gift, at a conference. I have not received any compensation for my posts about the book or recipes. My thoughts, comments, and opinions are my own.


mrstdj said...

Good to hear! I've been curious about his cookbook. I like watching him, but I was curious about how good the recipes really were. I look forward to the rest of your reviews.

Tamara said...

I pulled out his cookbook this week as well. All of the recipes look delicious and your soup looks yummy!

ichoosethesun said...

Sounds yum! I'll have to pull my copy out now :)

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