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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


On Halloween, our light is usually off, and the front door closed, unwelcoming to trick-or-treaters. No we're not Halloween scrooges, we've always had somewhere to go, either a Halloween carnival, or Boo On The Bayou.
Yesterday evening, we're at home doing Monday night, and Babygirl announced,
"Here come the trick-or-treaters." I was not prepared!

Although I was well aware it was Halloween, trick-or-treating was NOT on my mind. Because Halloween fell on Monday, we attended Boo-On-The-Bayou, Saturday. We were good.

At Boo-On-The-Bayou

Babygirl ran and got a bowl of month old butter scotch and gave that to the few early trick-or-treaters. 
Mr. Husband gave us money, and we high tailed it to WalMart to get the good stuff! We rushed back home so Babygirl could turn the light back on. Soon, cars were rolling down the street, like a parade. We were just in time!

The good stuff!

My girls had fun watching the little ones run to the door yelling trick-or-treat, and dropping goodies into their bags. Then I realized, my kids have never actually trick-or-treated house to house.

When my older two were little, our mall hosted trick-or-treating, and that was really fun. All the kids dressed up in costumes, and the mall merchants provided the treats. Then our church, other local churches, schools and our local YMCA hosted Halloween or Fall Carnivals, and we'd attend one or two of those. And we've always attended Boo-On-The-Bayou.

Next year, we'll be better prepared! And... when did parents start driving kids to trick-or-treat? While we're on the subject, I'm all for making Halloween the last Saturday of October. It's just easier!


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