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Monday, November 7, 2011

Slow Cooker To The Rescue

I pride myself on cooking a wholesome dinner for my family, most of the week. Every now and then, it's not possible to get dinner on the table in a timely manner. My children are multi-sport athletes, and this week marks the start of basketball season. That means, I have to make adjustments in order to feed my family.

Until now, I've used my slow cooker every now and then, for a pot of beans, and an occasional roast. After a Twittersation (a conversation on Twitter) with San Tara, also known as @TheGorgeousBlog, I decided this weeks dinner would be all about the slow cooker. I've found a few slow cooker meals/recipes, and the following is this weeks menu.

Sunday  Pinto beans, smoked turkey necks, and sauteed collard greens.
Monday Short ribs, cole slaw, baked beans
Wednesday  Jambalaya
Friday Sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, California vegetable blend
I've learned, there's more to slow cooking than just dinner. There's a movement going on, and I've been missing out. I can use my slow cooker for breakfast, dinner, and dessert. Why didn't someone tell me about this before?

I have two slow cookers and we're going to be very acquainted. I just might have to give them names. How do you get dinner on the table when life is hectic and busy?


Check these resourses for more slow cooker recipes.


Krystal Grant said...

What in the world would I do with a slow cooker? I can barely use a frying pan. I have about 5 cook books that have dust on them. So sad. I just scheduled a post about my inability to cook. I'm gonna start a cooking show called "Worst Cook Ever" said...

I need to use my slow cooker more often! Especially for those busy times. This week's menu sounds so good! Any room for five more? (LOL)
By the way, what's that in the picture, caught my attention right away! YUM!

Anonymous said...

Goodness yes! I use mine at least 3 weeknights and sometimes on the weekends. There's a blog that gave me inspiration when I first started using it last year:
I didn't follow too many recipes to the letter, but I used it as a jumping off point to my own creativity.

Kathy Sykes said...

I love the crockpot in the winter. I love waking up to a fully cooked meal that has been cooking over night.
I do need some new ideas though.

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