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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Girls Night Out

Last week, I attended Girl's Night Out, and participated in the Chop! Chop! Champion Cooking Contest. My partner was Evangeline Parker, from Power 92.3's Broadway Joe Morning Show. Ms. Parker and I prepared Parmesan crusted tilapia, with brown rice. Although we didn't win, I had a wonderful time!

The sponsors of Chop! Chop! Contest were LuLav, Whole Foods Market, and Kreb Brothers Restaurant Supply, Inc.

This was my very first time attending Girl's Night Out, and I had a blast! It will definitely not be my last year attending. There were booths with samples of food, prizes and information galore. And women were EVERY WHERE! One of the guys hosting the event said, "The guys are really missing out."

I know you're wondering about the hunk in the picture. He, along with his friends (picture with my friend) are firemen who posed for the Arkansas Susan G. Komen Foundation Fired Up For The Cure calendar. They walked around the building all evening, enticing women promoting the calendar. Yes, you can order one!

I had a wonderful time, and looking forward to next years event! Thanks Power 92 for allowing me to represent you in the contest, and doing what you do for our community!


Sporadically Yours said...

Lol! I love your strikethroughs! ;-)

Footprints of Peace said...

Glad to read you had a blast, can't wait till next year to see what fun you had! And, yes, I was wondering about the guy. Too bad he's young and I'm old and married. LOL's.

Great post!

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