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Monday, August 15, 2011

Family Reunion

Recently, we attended our family reunion. Each year we go back to the place where my grandparents raised eight children we loving call "Down Home." This year was the best it's been in a very long time. More of my cousins came with their children. My uncle said there were 5,000 children there. It was a long way from it, but there were plenty!

The kids sang and danced on the porch just as we did when we were kids. If I walked that road between my grandparents and great grand parents house one time, I walked it a thousand, and our children were doing the same. They walked back and forth, in 100 degree temperatures. And for that reason, the picture above is my favorite of all the pictures I took over the weekend.

Some people would get tired of going to the same place year after year for their family reunion. Not me. I love returning to that place in the country, although my grandparents are no longer there. Sharing with my children that it was because of their great, great, great, great grandfather, who was a slave that we even have this place, along with a ton of other memories is very important to me.

We can vacation anywhere, but HOME is where the heart is.


MOMSWEB said...

This was a beautifully written post and it pulled at my heart strings. You're right, there is no place like home and reunions are so important to have and continue. I think it's great that you guys go back home to the same place.

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