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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just Peachy!

I would show you a picture, but there was nothing left to show, NOTHING!

Last night, I tried Carly Klock's Peach-Slathered Chicken Wings, for Project What's For Dinner. Of course I made a few adjustments, using more than wings, and baking instead of grilling. I grilled Saturday, and there was no way I was doing it again on Monday! Anywhooo...

My family likes food, but if they see what I'm doing, and think the ingredients are odd... they automatically decide they don't like it. The recipe called for peach preserves (to them, it's just jelly), and had they seen the jar on the counter, they wouldn't have eaten it. But I was careful.

Excited about using ginger for the first time, I was also very nervous. All I could think about was ginger snap cookies, and its strong flavor. Surprisingly, it was nothing like that at all. 

Everyone wanted to know, "What is this?"

Only after they'd tasted the chicken did I tell them what it was. A couple of the kids turned up their noses, but no one stopped eating!

I forgot to ask them to rate it, but judging by the way they ate it up... I'm giving myself 4 Forks! This recipe can easily become one of my family favorites.


Justice Jonesie said...

That sounds pretty tasty! Always fun to try new recipes, isn't it? Especially with kids.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Yes it was, patting myself on the back a little, mostly because they ate it with ANY complaints.

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