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Thursday, May 5, 2011

On The Move

I started out this morning with moving my media blog. It has fewer post than this one, and I'm still working on building readership. So I figured, what the heck, I'll try that one first.

Surprisingly, everything went really well. I downloaded the blog into a file, and exported it from Blogger, and imported everything to Wordpress. Without a hitch, success was mine. That is until...

I was trying to figure out these plug-ins. I'm just not quite grasping how to add them. Then I looked at my URL, and noticed a (dot) wordpress (dot) com. I missed something, the blog has to be mapped. *Huge sigh*

That's the very reason Mrs. Jones, suggested moving my blog, and working out all the kinks before the makeover. She is so very smart, and talented! I love her blog designs!!!

Not really frustrated, but after having enough for one morning, I'm resting. Moving is a lot of work, whether it's moving from one house to another, or moving a blog.

I need a nap!


Drama Queen said...

You're way more technical than I am. You lost me at hello. ;)

LaTonya said...

Dram Queen - You're far more technical than you realize. You blog, facebook, Tweet... do you realize there are people who can't even work their tv's, lol.

LaTosha said...

This blogsite is great. You just got a new reader--me. Please check out my blog as well at Your blog is bright and beautiful. Great content.

Footprints of Peace said...

I truly understand. I have been working on trying to move my blog with little knowledge, and have found myself totally drain.

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