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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things I Like Very Much

I didn't want to write about the topic scheduled on my editorial calendar, and started going through my Google Reader, I came across Tobi Fairley's "Things She Loves." I thought that was a great idea. So today's post is a list of Things I Like very much.

I made a conscious effort a couple years ago, not to say I "love," things/stuff, just like it very much. So here goes...

1. Social  Media: Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare, Facebook and not necessarily in that order. I'm fascinated with social media, and the power and influence it has. I also like the fact that it has opened up opportunities like never before.

My students laugh when I tell them I'm into social media, and how they can reach me. The truth is I'm more social media savvy than most of them... put together!

2. The sound of crickets and frogs after a summer rain: Mr. husband says I'm a country girl at heart. My grand parents had a farm, with acres and acres of land. At night in the summer, the crickets and frogs singing was THE BEST!

3. Coca-Cola: My family teases, and say that I'm addicted, but I don't care! I don't drink a six pack a day, or even close. I have a 20 oz., or two at the most! I don't drink liquor, smoke... I'm entitled to my Coke!

4. Chessmen Cookies: If you've never had Chessmen cookies, you're missing out! I'm not a huge cookie, and cake kind of person, but I like these cookies VERY MUCH!

5. Notebooks, stationary, paper: I had to get to a place where I was comfortable with composing anything straight to the computer. I used to always have to write it down in a cute little notebook first. When I find a notebook with a different design, and really cute... I have to have a few! I always keep an extra two, or three tucked away in a drawer.

6. Cooking: I always liked to be in the kitchen watching my grandmothers sprinkle a little of this, or add a pinch of that. I enjoy taking ingredients and making it into something my family likes, or not.

7. My Blackberry: Finally, after wanting a Blackberry cell phone for YEARS, I got one last May. It was my birthday gift to myself. I am #TeamBlackberry all the way! I have social media in the palm of my hands, and access to all of my email accounts. It's like a little brain. And I like it VERY much.

8. Flip Video Camera: My flip, runs a close second to my Blackberry. I visited it at Wal-Mart, several times. Okay, more than several, but I'm NOT saying! Mr. husband surprised me with it as a birthday gift last year. I danced around like I had just won the lottery. Initially I told him that's what I wanted. He put on a good show... "I don't know anything about a Flip. What about another brand, Kodak, Sony..." He fooled, and I was so happy.

I record and make videos of the kids sporting events, and school programs. I also use my Flip to vlog, and make other videos for my blog. It's in my purse at all times, I never know what I'll need to record!

What things do you like very much?


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