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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Girls And Sharks

My 11 year-old, Baby-girl, plays basketball with a local youth league. She's played basketball since she was kindergarten, but was on hiatus for the past two years. Although she may not be the best offensive player, she can hold some "D!"

Both teams have practiced regularly for a month or so, but when these girls hit the court all that goes out the door. My friends and I sat in the stands this weekend, and laughed the whole while! These girls are rough! Each quater someone was crying.

Instead of basketball, it looked more like kill the man football. It was a free for all, just get the man (girl) with the ball. The more I watched, the more it looked like a school of sharks, attaching lunch. The person with the ball was the target, and everyone else crowded around picking at it. Just like the sharks in that picture.

This week, our team will practice a few more times, and then play. I'll be front and center, cheering and laughing.

How funny are your kids in sports?


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