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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Change Gone Come

Recently, I didn't make it to the Blogalicious Conference. And they had a great time without me, *sad face.* Neither did I make it to BlogHer this summer. None-the-less, it didn't stop me from keeping up with what was going on. I read live blogs, and created streams on hootsuite, for each conference's Twitter hashtag. I was in.the.loop!

The Saturday of Blogalicious, I woke up bright and early, got my Coca-cola and planted myself in front of my brand new computer, and watched the tweets roll in. I was responding to tweets, retweeting, and commenting as if I were there. I considered myself the "Blogalicious home liaison."

I've even had the opportunity to gain a little insight through posted videos on Youtube.

For a while now, I've been thinking about what I wanted next for me, like my 2.0. I've finally figured it all out, and how I'm going to get it done. And part of that translates to my blog. In order to get my 2.0 on, some changes have to take place, I'm "Rebranding." That's one of the lessons I learned from my home conference experience.

I'm starting with the name of my blog. Yeah, I'm changing the name, but only slightly. It's still all about me, and my 40s. You have to admit the name is waaaaaaay too long. If it was my URL... it's just too long, a mouthful even.

And as much as I like my rather new blog design, I think I'm going to tweek it just a little more.

I feel like I'm about to get a new haircut. They make me feel like a new person, or at least a new personality.

Have you gone to a conference recently, or followed one online? What did you learn from it?


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