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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's In Your Purse?

The bigger my purse, the more junk I put in it!

When I was younger, and my babies were small, (It seems like I had babies for ever!), I always carried a large purse, for necessities, snacks, toys, crayons.

I had gotten away from large purses after the kids got older, and a Dr. telling me I would have back problems if I continued. In the past few years I found my way back to them, although unintentional.

Picking up my purse a few days ago, I thought, "Wow, this is really heavy. What's in this bag?" The contents of my purse today include:

  • A 20 oz Vanilla Coke. My favorite!
  • Digital Camera
  • Cell phone charger
  • Wallet
  • Flip Video Camera
  • Two notebooks
  • CD, Black Berry manual, lip gloss and a host of receipts.
Outside large pocket
  • More more receipts, and about two months of bills
Two little front pockets
  • Three sets of car keys, and the keys to my office
  • Cell phone
  • And even more receipts
How much did all of that weigh? About 5 lbs. What's in your purse?


Anonymous said...

I have almost as much stuff as you. *lol* Add my Kindle, work cell phone, a couple of pacifiers, package of wet wipes, one issue of Real Simple magazine and my glass. I clean it every two-three weeks, but everything seems to just make it's way back in as if possessed.

Café Chick said...

I have struggled for years to downsize what I carry. If I have a smaller bag, less can go in it, but I've broken more than one zip trying to do up a small bag while trying to carry far too much stuff! I won't go into details of what's in my handbag today but I have now shifted back to carrying a large bag which holds my lunch, my wallet, my camera, my phone, my iPod touch, a book ... oh dear!

MOMSWEB said...

hand sanitizer, keys, pocket bible, money, lotion, mirror, brush, a check I need to cash. I feel like a slave to my purse. Oh, wait a minute, I also carry a bag full of books and writing tablets. I don't leave home without it because if I'm ever in a position to WAIT, I'm prepared to read or write.

Erica said...

I loved this post. Today I still carry a large bag although my childen are 13 and 6. Today I have in my bag

Digal Camera and cord
Two books
Hand lotion
Dance Tickets

I carry big bags because I do not like to carry department store bags or anything else in my hands. So I stuff them in my over-sized purse. I honestly feel naked if i have a smaller bag. I feel liike I'm going to loose everything.

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