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Friday, July 30, 2010

Old School Photo Friday

This morning while strolling through Twitter, I was intrigued by a tweet, clicked through and ended at parenting By dummies, it's Old School Photo Friday. So here goes...

Oooo, weee! I thought I was CUTE! It's me, and my oldest daughter, she was about 6 mo-old. Can you believe, I was a senior in college! I loved those glasses, I think I cried when they broke. And that hair. I wore a feather, and several variations, from about 9th grade until... I don't even remember! The lipstick was Fashion Fair, Chocolate Raspberry. It was my absolute favorite. That lipstick went with everything, that was my signature color. In that picture, I barely weighed 100 lbs, soaking wet! Time, children, Coca-Cola and Chessmen cookies can really pack on the pounds!

Fast Forward, literally 21 years later. That baby, turned 21 just last week. I think I still look like me, but I've changed so much, I don't even feel like the same person. I remember the former me though, she was a sweet kid. I still wear glasses, but not that big, and I've ditched lipstick for lip gloss. I'm a little more tha 40 lbs heavier, and still drinking Coca-Cola, and eating Chessmen Cookies!

This looking back at old photos of the family almost makes me sad. We no longer have babies, they're all grown up, not actually grown. And I miss it. Oh, no. I don't want any more babies! I just miss my own being babies. That's all.

If you want to get into the action, click on over to parenting By dummies, link up, and join the fun.


parentingBYdummies said...

Thanks for joining! And, those glasses are bangin'. Makes me jealous that my eyesight didn't take a turn for the worse until the late 90s when gold, wire-rimmed eye wear was in style.

Stacey said...

Love the glasses! You are beautiful!

Angela Cooper said...

Girl I had glasses like that and they were pink going across the top. You were and still are a sexy lil'sumpin sumpin.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Parenting By Dummies, I wish I could find a pair of glasses like those again. It might embarrass my children, but I loved them! And since I HAVE to wear glasses, why not wear a cool looking pair!

Stacey - Thanks for the compliment toots!

Angela - Sexy is a state of mind, right? I have to keep reminding myself of that ! =)

Nicole said...

I love the picture and girl you still look good, no worries! I understand how you feel. My oldest is 18 and my little one is 16. They are growing up and it is so hard to think that they will be leaving me after a while. Yes, 40's are a blessing though aren't they!

Chaotically Calm said...

Hey La'Tonya,

What those glasses are the business! Now you probably can't find them in prescription form but I know I saw a pair of sunglasses very very similar to those in American Apparel.

Side note you look fantabulous to have all growed up children...withcha bad self!!

Hillerie Camille said...

Girrlllll. I used to wear that same Fashion Fair Chocolate Raspberry when I was in collage. That lipstick was a magnet. You took me way back.

Hillerie Camille said...

I meant to say college. Wow. I really can spell.

Pammy pam said...

wow. you are wearing those glasses. i have the perfect hair bow to go with them!

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