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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Born To Be Wild

 Mr. Husband & I, wild and free!

In 2003 Mr. Husband fulfilled one of his dreams, owning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He wanted me experience the thrill of the ride with him.

Terrified that I would slide off like melting ice cream, I didn't want to ride. Quickly, I came to a realization. He was going to ride it with, or without me. I refused to be 'the wife left behind!' I strapped on my helmet, climbed on behind him, holding on really tight... and prayed!

Seriously, my very first ride, I was praying the whole time.

After a few rides, and not sliding off when he turned the corner, I was good. Correction, I was better than good. I.Was.Hooked! Just call me motorcycle mama. There is no freedom like being on the back of a motorcycle, with the open rode in front of you, and the wind in your face. I've never experienced anything else like it.

In the past few years we've rode less, and less. In fact last year we didn't ride AT ALL. Oh, I asked about riding. Mr. Husband always had an excuse. I've worked all day, and I'm tired. It's too hot... It's too cold. Then it was, I need to get the oil changed, and finally... the battery was dead. And before we knew it more than a year had past, and I hadn't even put my but on the seat.

Why didn't I ride it myself? 

That bike is waaaay to big for me! If it were smaller, I would ride off and leave him! Yes, I know how to ride a motorcycle. My brother taught me on a smaller bike he show Mr. Husband I was serious about getting a bike of my own, I got a permit. Why I didn't get a bike is another post!

Recently, Mr. Husband FINALLY bought a new battery! And he took me for a spin.

"Burn rubber, not your soul." - Biker Boys


Drama Queen said...

You're more brave than I am - I'm terrified of motorcycles!

So, do you wear black leather and chains and go all "Harley"? :)

Anonymous said...

When I went to CA a few years ago to visit with my BFF she had just bought on for her hubby's bday. Beauty of a Bike. I brave it and got on. I screamed for the first 5 minutes (Jim's poor ear). I enjoyed it so much that the night before I left he took me on a 3 hour ride. We went through the canyons of Lake Berryessa in NO.Ca. Like you said, wind in your face and the open road ahead of you. LOVE IT!!! Can't wait til hubby and I get on.

Café Chick said...

You are a very brave woman. I still haven't been for a ride in my partner's racecar while he's racing and he's been asking me for two years!

Anonymous said...

Riding shot gun in the back of a motorcycle while holding on tight will make you have a prayer life, that I do know. But you look good sitting back there. And now you have your own permit? You go girl. Wow. I'm scared of you!


La'Tonya Richardson said...

Drama Queen - No, no black leather! LOL But Harley-Davidson has this awesome leather suit I'd look just stunning in. If I got it, I would never wear anything else!

Angela - A three hour bike ride, that's a rode trip! Mr. Husband and I are over due a long ride. That should be our anniversary trip!

Cafe Chick - Take the ride in the race car. What do you have to lose other than lunch?! LOL

Haupi- You're right. Riding shotgun will make you pray for people you haven't thought about in years!

Nicole said...

So cool! When I was a teenager I have a Tomos Mopad and I absolutely loved riding it! I rode it to my part time job after school and whenever the road was clear I went as fast as I could! Yes, it was dangerous but O what a rush!

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