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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

That's Michelle Obama in the distance behind the gold podium
with her head at the bottom of the white banner.

Michelle Obama

Saturday, I was so very excited, it was commencement exercises for the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Michelle Obama was the speaker, and I had my ticket!

After waiting at a parking lot for the shuttle to the convention center, and riding the bus that I thought would surely stop, leaving its passengers to walk the rest of the way (in my heels). I made it through the Secret Service security check point, (a medal detector), and sat in a room for graduates and faculty, for more than an hour.

The waiting was okay, there were sandwiches and drinks for us, and a lot of people to talk to. Time passed by pretty quickly, and before I knew it we were processing in. I had butterflies... I was going to see, and hear Michelle Obama, the first lady of these United States.

As we walked into the arena, I was grinning like I had new teeth. That grin was abruptly wiped from my face! WHAT THE WHAT!!! Faculty were seated BEHIND the platform of media. As in platform I mean, a three foot obstruction, with men, cameras and tripods perched upon it, between me and Michelle Obama! We DID NOT have a clear view of the first lady.

As soon as they called her name, and she made it to the stage, I felt a little better. I was able to get a glimpse of her between a camera man's legs. And during her speech, I felt even better knowing we were in the same space.

Finally the camera man moved, I was not only able to see her clearly for a couple of minutes, I was also able to get a picture (above). Maybe when I blow it up, I can see her face.

She was absolutely awesome, I enjoyed every minute of her speech. She spoke about the bar being set, and just when you think you're about to clear it, it moves on you. "Things that matters the most are the bars that don't move, family, education..."

Again, I found myself grinning that great big grin, that hurts your face, and fighting back tears.

UAPB presented Michelle Obama with the Honorary Doctorate of Laws Degree. She's now Dr. Michell Obama, and a Golden Lion!

Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day! The men of church made breakfast for the mothers. Later that evening we had dinner with my husband's 86 year old grandmother, and her 81 year old sister, and the combined families. That was great!

My children gave me $50 to get a mani-pedi. They knew how much I enjoyed last year's, and that was the last time I had one. But that wasn't all...two of my favorite's, Coca-Cola and Chessmen Cookies, rounded off my gift.

Mr. Husband gave me $100 to do with as I please. Today is Tuesday, and I'm still contemplating what to do?! I've thought about it several times over, and even made a list:

1. Buy bras from Victoria Secret.

2. Use it toward a Flip Camera.

3. Buy a couple of summer outfits.

4. Buy a pair of gym shoes for walking.

5. MP3 player for walking.

And the longer I wait, the longer the list grows. How was your Mother's Day?


Angela Cooper said...

I got the same gift from hubby and bought some new summer outfits. Went to TJ Maxx to stretch those dollars and got some cute stuff. Then went to Payless and bought some sandals. For hahas on the way home I got the car washed. I think I have $10 left.

How'd you get the pic of Lady O. I thought cameras weren't allowed. Either way, it must have been awesome to be in the same space as her.

Drama Queen said...

How awesome! I would have been mad, too, when I saw the cameras in the way - but as you said, you could see (sorta') and you were in the same PLACE! That is so cool - what a memory! :)

Sounds like a great Mother's Day...I got my Flip camera about 2 weeks ago and I love it. It's small, lightweight, easy to put in my purse, and easy to upload to the computer. Easy, cheesy - that's what I need.


Keep It Classy, Jen said...

You got to see Michele...WOW! That's awesome!

Stopping by from @usfg Blog Directory!

ParlinMom said...

Just being in the smae place with the 1st lady would have been a treat for me also...O think she is a good person and the way she carries herself as a mother, wife and political wife is amazing and it shows we are classy women.

I got money for Mother's Day also and I'm still sitting on it (just like you) and wondering what to use it on. I was thinking the undies also as well as some new summer outfits but waiting for the Vicky Secret SAS in June (which I know I will have spent that money so many times over...LOL) but I know that I will be spending every dime on me and it will probably be a new purse and some shoes. As long as I spend that money on me was my only oreder with the card it was in.

Enjoy yours!!

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