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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Look At Me, I'm Vlogging


This is my very first time vlogging, so this is like a rough draft. I promise it will get better. And the blinking thing. I don't always blink that much, it's the new glasses. They're making my eyes really tired.

I can't wait to vlog again! Somebody better stop me!


Drama Queen said...

Girl, you are MILES ahead of me on technology! I'm so old...

...and I had to get bifocals many years ago...sigh. I really AM old!

Café Chick said...

Love the vlog!
Your glasses look great - I wouldn't have known they were bifocals if you hadn't shared your secret. It's always amazing just how much of the world we miss every day without even realising! ;-)

Angela Cooper said...

Hey, Hey, Hey, Ms. Sexy. LOOOOVVVEEEE the glasses. Your eyes will be tired for about a week as thy are getting used to them, but then one day you won't even notice. I love mine and I'm so glad you do to. Welcome to the life of "40 and Progressive"

Marcia said...

Love the Vlog....and the glasses are cute too...nobody will know they are bi-focals, unless you tell:) Enjoy...Life in the 40's is really great--even with all the changes!!!

Alicia aka MyBusyMind said...

congrats on your first Vlog you looked so sad when you said "their bi-focals" Honey you cant tell, and they look good on ya. If I didn't hate the way I sound after being recorded I would vlog more. Congrats on another new thing in your 40's

Jen said...

Yes, the progressive lens development took all the drama of getting bi-focals away for me. Well, most of the drama. I had to get over myself a little bit! I'm near sighted & have astigmatism, so adding far sightedness to the mix was not a biggie.

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