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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

There's An Extra Bag of Cheese...

Lemony Fish Bake & Vegetable Confetti - The Six O'clock Scramble
Garlic Hasselback Potatoes w/herbed sour cream - Sunny Anderson, Foodnetwork

Yes, I'm still having a ball with Project What's For Dinner. The greatest lesson I've learned so far has to be, DON'T TO TELL THE FAMILY WHAT I'M COOKING!

PWFD # 7 - Suzie Pryor's Chicken Spaghetti.
Chicken spaghetti is one of my family's favorite dishes . I never hear, I don't want it, or we had that already. No matter how much I make, they'll eat the leftovers, till it's all gone.

My mother found this recipe, in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette newspaper. She and daddy liked it, and thought my family might, as well. And of course, I wanted to try it as a Project What's For Dinner meal.

While making my grocery list from the ingredients, I noticed a few differences. The most obvious was the cheese. This recipe called for cheddar cheese soup, grated Parmesan , and shredded sharp cheddar cheese. My recipe, is all Velveeta.

I chopped, sauteed, and boiled, following the recipe to the letter. When dinner was ready, my family came slowly with their noses turned up. They knew I was trying something different. This time, I didn't hover, waiting for their response. Instead, I sat on the couch, as if I was so tired. But I listened for their reactions.

"It's missing something..." "It doesn't taste the same..." "It's okay, I guess..." is what I heard from the peanut gallery.

Baby girl got up from the table and went to the refrigerator. "Mama, there's an extra bag of cheese, can I use it?"

That was the sharp cheddar cheese that was to go on top. It was also the reason there was something missing, didn't taste the same, and was just okay.
Rating: 4 Forks - (after adding the missing cheese)

PWFD #8 - Crepes
It was National Pancake Day, and my family loves pancakes for dinner. Crepes were the the little something special. I had never cooked, or eaten a crepes before. I found the recipe at Mr. Breakfast, and it was on!

I made a standard cream cheese filling, topping them with cherry pie filling, and whipped cream. They were delicious!

Rating: 4 Forks

PWFD #9 -Lemony Fish Bake & Vegetable Confetti, recipe from The Six O'clock Scramble, and Garlic Hasselback potatoes with herbed sour cream, Sunny Anderson, Cooking For Real, Foodnetwork. (Pictured above).

We love zucchini, but I never thought to add red, and yellow bell peppers. The kids thought it was pretty, and Baby girl, loves pretty food! Paired with the fish, I felt like I was eating out. Those potatoes are GREAT! I could eat them by themselves!

Rating: 3 Forks

Fork Rating System:
1 - Don't Ever cook that again
2 - Not bad, not good, just okay
3 - Pretty good, I ate it all
4 - Delicious, cook this again


Deidra said...

Looks delicious! Is that from your very own kitchen, or is it a photo from a food magazine?

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Deidra - Yes, that's from my very own kitchen, cooked with my very own hands! And it was (in the words of Rachael Ray), Yum-O!

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