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Monday, March 15, 2010

Reading Is Still Fundamental!

A few weeks ago, Mr. Husband got a new cell phone. With a new phone comes the hassle of learning the features, bells, and whistles. The kids raved about the new phone. They also told him how much he would like it. It can do this, that, and the other, they said.

After the first couple of days, Mr. Husband mentioned he was still trying to figure things out. Okay... I started thinking, and asked a stupid question. "Have you read the manual yet?"

There was no answer, total silence. He continued to tinker, pushing buttons. His silence was confirmation enough. He had NOT read the manual, and had no intention of reading it. I was cool with that, it wasn't my phone.

During a conversation about a text he received, a week ago, Mr. Husband said he was having trouble sending them. He could reply to a text, once someone sent it to him, but composing one, he couldn't. Again, I asked that same stupid question. And just like before, I got no answer.

Yesterday, time sprang forward. In order for our cell phones to reset, we had to turn them off. On our way home from church, Mr. Husband said the screen of his phone had something extra since it reset. This time, I said nothing.

When preparing for bed, and setting his phones alarm, he mentioned the something extra again on his screen. You guessed it. I asked, yet again, if he'd read the manual. This time I got an answer. "It didn't come with a one, only a pamphlet, and a safety guide."

Now I'm curious. Surely, the phone came with a owners manual. I looked through the book. And sure enough, there was the safety guide, and a pamphlet. I thumbed through the safety guide, and opened the pamphlet and scanned through it. "The pamphlet is the owner's manual."

I read the few lines, and told him what to do with the widget. "Widget, what's a widget," he asked.

That thing he wanted off his screen! Finally, he read the manual!


Stacey said...

I don't ever read the manual unless I absolutely have to. I'm a try to figure it out on my own kinda girl. :)

mrstdj said...

This sounds just like my husband! *lol* Everything in the box except the device goes straight into the trash. I know better, so I go behind him, take it out and put it in my secret place. Days/weeks/months later, it's "Baby, remember that XYZ I bought? Do we still have the manual?"

MOMSWEB said...

LOL! Your husband sounds like me. I won't touch any type of instruction manual, but my hubby is an instruction/follow the book kind of guy. No thank you!

This was a funny post; glad I dropped by. Have a joyful week.

Alison said...

I am not much of a manual reader...I just give the phone to my teens and they show me how to work all the bells and whisltes

Krystal Grant said...

I'm like your husband. I hate reading owners manuals. I'll play with a gadget for months before I figure out how to work it, but I refuse to read the owners manual.

Justice Fergie said...

Classic. My husband is the same way. He cheated with his new phone though - he went to the store and had the rep give him a private tutorial! LOL. Anything to not read the manual. Reading is for sissies ;)

alessandra said...


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