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Monday, March 8, 2010

Crash... Burn... Die!

Recently, I've had to give serious consideration about adding an additional computer to our household. Four of my children, and I have shared one computer for a while.

Things can get really hairy, when one of them wants to use the computer. I've heard, "It's still my turn," "I have homework to do." "You've been on way too long," and "Ma... he's just on Facebook, and I need it!"

Last week talking with Angela, of Hanging With Mrs. Cooper, we discussed my need for a new computer, and Mac vs. PC. I had just gotten my computer back the week before, from the computer doctor, it had a few viruses. Seriously, that's what he calls himself.

On Friday, after being on the computer all of 8 minutes, I started smelling something. I thought it smelled like electricity, but resigned it to be Baby girl in the kitchen. I soon came to realize, I turned it off, really fast.

Later, turning it on again, it started to smell like it was burning... and it gave up the ghost. I was devastated! I wanted to cry, but didn't want my family to see me. I have documents, and pictures... my life is on that computer!

Without warning I'm having to buy a new computer. I don't just want any computer, but one that does it all! Actually I need two, a desktop, and a laptop! What I want in a computer:

~A camera, so I can Skype, and Vlog.

~Video software. I want to be able load video without using all my space, edit clips, and load to Youtube.

~Run several applications at the same time.

And that's just getting started. I need help, MAJOR help!

Services for my Compaq PC are pending. I'd like to thank you, for your condolences in advance.


alessandra said...

Me too, I can't live without my laptop, condolences ;)

Homesick Cajun said...

So sorry about your computer! I'm in love with my laptop, I'd be lost without it!!

ParlinMom said...

really I feel you pain....sorry for your lost!!!

we almost lost everything because of the teenager and his games but we got it all back and now we have three PCs in the house. I have a laptop, the hubs has a laptop (for work) and we have a computer in the office for everyone to use but we monitor what he does so that we do not have that issue again.

Drama Queen said...

The kids have a computer in the office, and I have a Mac laptop. Love it. No viruses. Best thing I ever indulged myself in. :)

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Alessandra - I'm sick, really sick about my computer! I'm wondering if I've discovered a new illness.

Homesick Cajun - If I said I was in love with my computer, my husband would get jealous. Oh, he is already!

ParlinMoM - My children use the computer A LOT! I'm sure they contributed to its demise.

Drama Queen - I'm starting to see the light, seperate computers! I wish I could afford for everyone to have their own, just like mp3 players. And when they mess it up, oh well!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Good news!!! My computer is back from the dead, and on life support! It was only the fan. Whew! But that really doesn't change things. I MUST purchase additional computers. Yes, plural, another desktop, and a laptop!

Café Chick said...

You need a MacBook Pro! I am in total lust with my work laptop but, sadly, will have to trade it in for a lower model in the next few days. However, I'm determined that once I'm settled in my new career path that I'll be investing in another MacBook Pro. It does everything you want and more at the same time ... and comes with irresistible coloured cases. For me, it's worth the extra cash.

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