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Monday, February 22, 2010

Who's At Fault?

Q & A

Who's fault is it... The person who left a valuable notebook, phone, or device in their pocket, or the person who put the clothes, along with said valuable item in the wash?

Mr. Husband and I have had this discussion ump-teen times (that's one of my Grand-daddy's words), during the course of our almost 20 year marriage. This weekend, I washed his work clothes as usually. Pulling his pants out of the washer, I noticed a little notebook, at the bottom of the tub. Of course, he "needed that!"

I would not own up to it being entirely my fault! I did check his front, and back pockets. That little booger, was hiding in the cargo pockets! Further more, he put the pants in the dirty clothes. If it's in the basket, it's fair game. He should have emptied his pockets!

A few years ago, I washed his Mr. Husband's brand new cell phone. Two days prior, I bought it for our anniversary, no upgrade. Yes, I had to buy him a second one, because I didn't get insurance. He left it in his pocket that time as well.

That prompted me to ask him to start emptying his pockets, before putting them in the dirty clothes. He NEVER leaves money in his pockets!!!

No, I don't usually check the kids pockets. The girls almost always put their things in their purses, or backpacks. My son is usually trying to hide things from me, so he leaves NOTHING behind!

When was the last time you washed something important?


Angela Cooper said...

I never check the hubby's pockets. But if I find money in the washing machine or dryer, it's mine.

Stacey said...

It's totally the person that left it in the pockets!!
I washed my son's mp3 player not too long ago.

ParlinMom said...

I don't check pockets after ruining a birthday surprise for myself. Now I scream to the heavens...I'm doing laundry come check your pockets and if nobody moves it's on them whatever I wash. One time my teenager told me I washed his term paper that was why he didn't turn it in...I was so mad at him for making up stories that I maid him write and type 2 papers and turn them in. He decided to wash his own clothes after that.

Wifey said...

I have washed countless jump drives that my husband always leaves in his pockets. Money. Gum. Pens. Did I say gum? He would leave himself in his pockets if he could.

Winks & Smiles,

Nicole said...

I guess I have been fortunate. I don't check pockets but the only thing that I've ever washed was coins, dollar bills, candy wrappers, and the occasional name badge. That's about it. The big stuff like cell phones and memory sticks are reserves as clutter on the dressers though. Nothing destroyed, not a bad deal on our part! But I am sorry for you!

African American Mom said...

Sometimes, I luck up and find money. When I do, it is mine. I consider it my payment for washing clothes. Sometimes I get paid well and sometimes the pay sucks.

cocoamommy said...
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cocoamommy said...

Ok, don't gasped I do not wash my hubby's clothes. I never have(even when we lived together) and never will! For one he is too paticular about how his clothes are folded and as I tell my friends I do not work at The Gap. I digress! I do wash the clothes for me and the kids. My son always has stuff in his pockets so I not only check them but pullthe liners completely out of the pocket. In your case I would never have checked the cargo pocket on my son's pants. I just assumed that pocket was put there for style only and no one actually uses it. Happy laundry day! No cargo pants!

Haddock said...

Oh many times, usually currency.

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