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Monday, February 8, 2010

What's That Smell?

Project What's For Dinner # 4 - North Carolina House Ribs
Recipe from Sunny Anderson, Cooking For Real, Food Network

"What's that smell?" My son asked with attitude in his voice.

"My sauce. And it doesn't smell bad."

We were both coughing from the strong smell of cider vinegar, liquid smoke, and Worcestershire, combined to make the marinade for my North Carolina House Ribs. I tried to act like the smell didn't have me by the throat.

The recipe called for the ribs to bake on a rack over a cup of beer, and liquid smoke. I mentioned beer, and my daughter thought I was trying to "get them drunk." I was just going to sneak and buy and can, and not tell the family. The less they know what goes into making a meal, the better. I couldn't shake them long enough to slip off and buy a beer. Instead I used the vinegar concoction in the bottom of the pain. After the pungent aroma of vinegar wore off, it actually started to smell like barbecue sauce. I learned something new!

Those ribs slow cooked Saturday night for a few hours, and Sunday. While finishing dinner, and letting the ribs sit Mr. Husband, oldest daughter, and even my son picked at the corner of the ribs. In the above picture one bone is missing!

After dinner was over I asked my rating. Mostly receiving 3s. Even Miss I don't eat that, liked them. My son said, "They were good, but they had a vinegar after taste."

Project What's For Dinner, started last week out of desperation. I really needed to get out of this cooking rut. For the rest of the year, three times a week I will cook (1) something my family has never had before, (2) something I've never cooked, or (3) a new spin on an old favorite.

After my family has either enjoyed, or boycotted my dinner, they will rate it:

One fork = Don't Ever Cook That Again!

Two forks = Not bad, not good, it's okay.

Three forks = Pretty good, I ate it all.

Four forks = Delicious! Cook it again!

PWFD #1 - Grilled Baja Citris Talapia, asparagus and Barilla tortellini.
Rating - 3 Forks!

PWFD #2 - Crispy Rosemary Chicken & Fries, recipe from
Rating - 3 Forks

PWFD #3 - Turkey Sliders
Rating - 4 Forks

PWFD # 5 - Chicken Piccata, recipe from Ina Garten,
Rating - 1 Fork. Don't Ever Cook This Again!

OMG! I started to get upset, and give them a good talking to, you know the one... I'm trying to give you something different, and you should appreciate me working all day, and coming home to cook you all a descent meal. Instead, I realized, they won't like everything I cook during this project.

I was so surprised, they all didn't like it! They even laughed, and made jokes about how much they didn't like it. I think it was the capers. I won't EVER cook with them again! I think capers are an acquired taste.

Mr. Husband, not knowing that a project going on, and that he's a test subject simply said, it wasn't good, or bad. He just ate it.

On to the next dinner!

6 comments: said...

Hi there! Just stopped by to let you know that I nominated you for an award! The Stiletto Award.

Come see:

Have a super Tuesday!!!

p.s. I'm turning 40 on Friday! AAAHHHHHHHH!!! :)

Krystal Grant said...

You are soon gonna have your own cooking show. I need to come to your house for dinner. Got room for an extra 5?

ParlinMom said...

I like your rating system. I try new things on my clan also and if they don't like something they don't want to tell me so they don't hurt my feelings but I tell them if you don't tell me I'll cook it again and then you'll be stuck with it...I might have to borrow your rating system for my clan.

confused homemaker said...

Great idea on trying new things and giving them a system to do feedback! Although I totally agree it's hard not to take it personally, I do sometimes when I ask for feedback from my crew here on the food I make. Especially when my Hubby makes the "I don't like it" face.

As for NC ribs, I think it's a taste that is one you get use to or so I'm told on the stronger vinegar taste. I'm a saucy gal myself.

Shell said...

Don't you just love how men will eat ANYTHING? That must be an acquired taste too because it sure doesn't apply to little boys. :) Thanks for stopping by my page- you're right, great minds DO think alike! :)

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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