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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nosey Neighbor Moving

Our 85 year old very nosey neighbor, is moving. When I say neighbor, she's not down, or across the street. She's right next door. Our driveways are an inch apart, and her kitchen window is on that side of the house. She sees, and hears ALL of our comings and goings.

How nosey is she?

Glad you asked. Grab a seat, and sit down. Right before we moved in, we brought our brad new mattress to the house. Before we were out of the truck good, we heard a little voice. "Who bought the house?"

We didn't see anyone, just heard a voice. Her patio is hidden behind seven feet tall shrubs, maybe they're trees. She was peeping, cloaked by the leaves. And that was only the beginning.

Once she was peeping so hard from her front door, she fell in her foyer, and broke her wrist. Any time a for sale sign went up on our block, she knew everything about the house. And before the new people moved in good, she knew who they were, and what they do for a living. I was starting to think she has a crystal ball over there. She's the oldest person on our block, and has lived there the longest.

Another time, a furniture truck pulled up at the house down the street. Mrs. Nosey came out of her house with a broom, and started sweeping her sidewalk. She couldn't get a good look from the door. I watched her sweep, sweep, stop and look. Sweep, sweep, stop and look. After a few reps, she finally just stopped sweeping, and with her hand on her hip stood and watched them take every piece from the truck.

I can say she's been a great watch dog, better than any alarm, or surveillance. And she is a really sweet lady. The kids love her, and she loves the kids. One summer afternoon, all the kids came in the house, and I was looking for Baby Girl. I ran outside, and there she was sitting on the swing with the neighbor, chatting it up like long time girl friends.

In the past seven years, our nosey neighbor, has become more than just a neighbor. She's become a really good friend. We're really going to miss her.

New neighbors can be like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're going to get.


Anonymous said...

I love the nosey neighbor because they will tell you what they see. They'll tell the cops too. Is she moving to a Sr. Citizen home?

Senior Debutante said...

Well, I like the story about your nosey neighbor. At least she finds her worth in her seemingly worthless world. And wasn't she lucky she had you?

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Angela - Yes, she's moving to a Sr. Citizen's home. She's also become a little confused lately, and is scared to be alone in that big house.

Senior Debutante - Thanks for stoppping by and commenting. Ms. Nosey finds lots to do. She sweeps around in her yard every day, plays bridge once a week with her girl, and she still drives! When I get to be 80 something, I hope I have as much going on as she does!

Café Chick said...

Mrs Nosey sounds hilarious! I grew up with a neighbour we referred to as 2ZB - the name of a local news radio station. She knew everything that was going on and was most put out if someone did something that she didn't know about! She would look out her window and watch neighbours' cars drive up the hill, then be at waiting their front door before they had even got out of the car! Unfortunately, she didn't have the endearing qualities of Mrs Nosey, though ...

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.

Anonymous said...

Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.

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