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Friday, December 4, 2009

Skin Rejuvenation

I love watching The Dr. Oz show. It's full of information, the everyday person can take away, and actually use. Last month I decided to take him at face value, literally.

Dr. Oz claimed it took only nine days to get younger looking skin. At 41-years-old, I would like to look as young as I possibly can, for as long as I can. The process is simple, use an exfoliating cleanser to remove dead skin cells, and moisturize.

I've said before, I look much younger than 41. In my mind, I'm more like 26. Again, I'd like to remain as young looking as I can! Actually, I've been fortunate to have great genes.

My ritual, until recently has been washing my face with Dove soap, and using my body lotion on my face. That's it. There's no method to my madness, just chasing away dry patches. The area between the eyebrows that tend to flake up, is the worst. Anywho... Dr. Oz says, by removing dead skin cells, our skin looks brighter, and reflects light better. It also allows the regeneration of new skin cells.

I kept it simple! Armed with an Olay coupon, I purchased their Regenerist, daily regenerating cleaner. In plain sight it read exfoliates, that's what I needed. For the moisturizer, I picked up Wal-Mart's version of Oil of Olay, Equate Beauty Lotion, with an SPF of 15.

I know it's now more than nine days, more like a month. No one I see on a day to day basis, my students, children, or Mr. Husband, has stopped me to say I look younger. But I have taken notice of some changes of my own. My skin is softer, and those dry patches at my eyebrows, haven't been as dry. The pores on either side of my nose that were getting bigger, and bigger, at least in my eyes, have gotten smaller.

For the record, I do think I look younger, maybe 24ish. That's knocking off two years. Will I continue this process? You bet! By the time I turn 50, who knows, I might look like a teenager again.

I like to call this, my skin rejuvenation experiment. I didn't have to go to a pricey spa, or spend a lot of money on ground breaking serums. And I'm thankful, my skin rejuvenation process didn't end like Sammy Sosa's! Oh, MY!

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Chief said...

oh the Sammy pictures scare the hell outa me!

Whatever you do, do not do the facial hair removal cremes!

alessandra said...

I'm 41 too, and have dry patches too, and look a bit younger too...
I will try, thank you for sharing.

Lynn said...

How did I miss this post? Oh right, I was battling the pig flu for about a week. Anyway, this is good to know. We don't have cable here, just internet so I miss out on Dr Oz...and Oprahs last year... (sniffle) but thank you so much for this post.

My best, Lynn

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