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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Randomness (Is That A Word?)

Okay, I needed to post something today. I've been so busy catching up on grading papers, making and giving finals this week, I just didn't have time to prepare a post. I'm feeling a little scattered, and thought I'd share those scattered thoughts with you. Even my picture is random, something I took, and thought it was nice. Here goes...

Baby girl is in the Christmas play tonight, she's one of the 'Hot Chocolate Dancers.' My son says they sound like strippers!

I finally found The Smell of Christmas, potpourri. Now that my house smells like Christmas, I have to put the tree, and decorations up! Last week was the week to do it, OMG, I'm so behind. Life happens, and there is only so much I can do! I forgot, I had a migraine three days last week.

Yes! I'm done with finals. Oh wait... I have to grade them all. May I have an easy button?!

Tomorrow is Fall Commencement! I pray we don't have a boring speaker. Dang, where is my cap, gown, and hood? I should have gotten it cleaned. No one will notice if it's a little dusty... and if they do, oh well!

It's so cold. I just have to hold on, Spring Break is around the corner. It's 14 weeks, and counting!

Hmmm, New Years Resolutions. Do I really want to torture myself?

See, I told you I was scattered. All over the place!


Drama Queen said...

Hot Chocolate Dancers - your son's right! That's funny!

JaelCustomDesigns said...

Goodness you have a full schedule!

Well, I'm very random at times myself. I always start out in one direction and end somewhere else. Lol! I get migraines too, I empathize with you wholeheartedly!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season, I'm still shopping and decorating.

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