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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not For Hands!

For as long as I can remember, my hands have been rough. I've never had soft feminine hands. With the recent cold weather, along with the hundreds of times a day I wash my hands, they've gotten worse. My hands were not only dry, but cracky, peeling and scratching every thing I touch!

I had this great idea! I have them from time to time, and some times... they really are great ideas. Other times not so much. Any who.

Dr. Oz said, exfoliating and moisturizing is the key to younger looking skin. While in the mirror doing my morning ritual, thanks to Dr. Oz, I saw Mr. Husband's Ped Egg. This is when the light bulb moment hit me. Why not Ped Egg my hands?!

Wow!!! I was amazed at what was coming off my hands. And I continued. But... I was careful not to over do it. I didn't want my hands sore and all. Finally finished, I washed my hands and moisturized. Soft, and feminine. Mr. Husband even said so. Then...

I started dinner. While in the kitchen preparing dinner, I washed my hands a few times, without moisturizing. Soft, and feminine quickly turned to prickly, and scratchy. And my thumb was sore!

Since then I've used the sand paper bottom of the Ped Egg, and have gone through an entire travel tube of Cocoa Butter lotion. It's not easy keeping your hands moisturized when you're next door to being a germ-a-phob, and wash your hands a lot. Not obsessive, but a lot.

There should be a warning on Ped Eggs. NOT FOR HANDS!


Drama Queen said...

Your hands sound like my heels on my feet - they drive me NUTS, they're so dry. I guess I should try the Ped Egg - I didn't think it would work. Now I know. It works for feet - but not hands!

Hang in there - winter will soon be over.

Okay - it won't be over for a long, long time, but that sounded really good when I said it. :)

Deidra said...

The Ped Egg has been a Godsend for my feet! I never thought to use it on my hands, though. So glad you warned me!

alessandra said...

Hmmm, so sorry for you, however, I know there is a technique to avoid an unwanted behavior, one day I will post about it and let you know :-) if you want.

Lynn said...

So does the sand paper side help now coupled with the cocoa butter?

My best, Lynn

KarinaG.L. קרינה said...

Yeah def, not for hands. My feets feel very scratchy after a few days imagine my hands. I also have dry skin,especially elbows that crack real bad. I use Palmer's Cocoa butter with Olive Oil. It's fantastic. Thanks for sharing

cocoamommy said...

Hi, I think I may have the remedy for your hands. Since my son was born 9 years ago, I have probably washed a layers of my skin away after handling diapers, potty training and any other kiddie bodily fluids. Now we are in the age of sanitizing and my hands are drier. I started using Cutemol 9 years ago. You can buy this behind the pharmacy counter at Target or your local pharmacy. It is made in Southeastern PA so hopefully you can find it anywhere. Lucky for me I live in PA. When I had my daughter one of the nurses commented on it because it is a product used by nurses.

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