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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Random Thoughts

Where in the world are my socks? In the Spring, I bought socks so that when I needed them I would have a pair to wear. My children have confiscated all of my socks. Now, I have to wear Mr. Husband's. That means the heels are on the on the back of my leg. Not a good look with capri warm-up pants.

I started saving the slithers of soap again. If I don't want Mr. Husband to throw them away I have to come up with something to do with them. I know it sounds a little pack rat-ish, but it's soap. Maybe if I melted them and pour it into a mold, we could save a little money on soap. I don't want to make lye soap or anything... Shoot, I don't know what I want to do with the stuff.

Come on... If I wasn't looking for a pink wig, they'd be all over the place! It's Halloween season for Pete's sake! Wal-Mart has green, purple, orange and blue. NO PINK! I can't wear any of those in the Race For The Cure. I went to a wig store. They had the UGLIEST long pink wig, for $25. Are you kidding me? I WILL have pink hair on Oct. 17, if I have to spray it pink!

Camo is for hunting, NOT softball uniforms. Since it's fall, they're not as concerned about real 'uniforms.' They are wearing a camouflage shirt with the teams name, with black shorts. I always thought it was not cute. It was already decided, and no one asked me ANYWAY. Last Saturday, we go to a softball tournament, and all the other teams looked like semi-pro teams that came to 'PLAY BALL.' Our girls looked like HILL BILLIES! I was so embarrassed.


Chief said...

k so the sliver of soap thing. WTH! I have to get rid of them so they don't slip in between my "cheeks" when Im soakin in the tub!

Natural said...

this is true with everything

If I wasn't looking for a pink wig, they'd be all over the place!

when you don't want it, it's all you see. when you need it, it's no where to be found.

why is that?

Chaotically Calm said...

Hola La'Tonya,

The sliver of soap thing reminds me of the Man Wander Married. He is a pack rat and saves everything he can get his hands on. I remember looking for change on his dressor one time and he had about twenty slivers of soap in one of his old military toiletry bags. It was a little odd for him especially since he really didn't have a plan for the soap like you. At the same token I'm not really positive how much you'll be able to save with this plan but I am curious.

Sadly I have to agree make sure the girls show up with real uniforms...appearance is half the battle. Oh and good luck finding that wig!

cardiogirl said...

Naturally you can't find the pink wig. I wonder if you could buy those pink extensions they have occasionally at CVS or Walgreen's in the barrette/hair brush/rubber band aisle.

It won't be a full head of hair but it will be something. Or if you could find a cheap blond wig maybe you could dye it, paint it or spray paint it.

Bluesleepy had an interesting idea for those soap slivers. She put them in her empty soap dispenser then added water. You know those pump kinds?

She fills the empty soap dispenser with water and adds a sliver or two of soap.

When the soap dissolves it will create a foam soap when the pump is used.

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