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Monday, August 17, 2009

Revive Again, and Again, and ...

Recently, I had a procedure that involved sedation. After arriving at the hospital, I had sign a stack forms, insurance, privacy act... The registration clerk asked if I had a living will.

Screeching halt... Skinny blond woman say what?

"Do. you. have. a living will?"

WTH? Do I have a living will?! It was a pain management PROCEDURE, not out patient SURGERY. Blonde lady so herself. I was being sedated, not given anesthesia.

Ashamed, but I had to admit, I do not have a living will. Mr. Husband and I discussed it at length, but haven't gotten around to doing so. "As long as someone knows your wishes," she says.

"My husband is here," I tell her. Then finally the lights coming on, and I realized what she was saying. I turned to Mr Husband, "Revive me again, and again, and again! None of that, 'she'd want to go on.' Revive me!"

I want to be resuscitated. On several occasions prior to this procedure, I've made my wishes clear, very clear. But I did reiterate it again. Dog-gonit, save me from the light!

My mother says she doesn't want to be resuscitated. "Just let me go," she says. Daddy and I are on the same page. Don't let me go so easy.

There were a few directives I needed Mr. Husband to know, JUST IN CASE. Keep my pictures out. The electricity and cable bills are due, and give my cell phone to twelve year old middle daughter. That covered it.


Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I love that you told Mr. Husband "Keep my pictures out" and the bills are due! Hilarious. But a living will is a serious thing and it is so hard to think straight during times of crisis. I guess we all need to have one. When my mother is hospitalized they always have us fill out forms regarding her wishes.

mr. nichols said...

Your post always have me cracking up. I could picture this whole scene. Was this procedure related to the car accident?

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Renee, yes girl, I need my pictures to stay out! I know they'll spend my insurance money, and get a new wifey/mom. She'll move my furniture around, throw out my grandmothers stuff, and hide my pictures like I was a distant memory.

I'm making at least the living will a priority for the month of September. A cousin just two years older than I, just didn't wake up this week. And that's scary!

Mr. Nichols, glad I could make you smile. Yes, the procedure was related!

MadMad said...

OK, I know I probably wasn't supposed to laugh... but "Revive me again and again and again...?" OMG, that killed me.

That's how I feel too. And they better, the little buggers.

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