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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting Back on The Wagon -

After realizing someone was shrinking my clothes, I decided to take action this week. I'm not crazy, I did wait until after the 4th of July!

In August, 2006, while on vacation in VA, one of the kids took a picture of me. With the miracle of digital cameras, I was able to see the picture right then. OMG! I couldn't believe that was me. The image I saw every morning in my full length mirror, was NOT the person in that picture! I was the largest I've ever been.

I was always super skinny growing up. At 18, and a freshman in college, I didn't weigh 100 lbs. After having my 5th child, I weighed 135 lbs. I never had to watch my weight before. I've always eaten what and when I wanted. And it has taken its toll. At 5 feet 2 inches, I weighed 160 lbs. (I can't believe I just made that public.)
I didn't do anything about my weight until March 2007. I got down to 142 lbs., two pounds away from my goal weight of 140 lbs. Since then, I've hovered around 144 lbs. Earlier this year my weight started easing toward 150 lbs. All the Coke, Chessmen Cookies, and A&W Cream soda , I've indulged in lately may have contributed. Naaaa, couldn't have! I have to do something, I refuse to buy new clothes, and I didn't keep old ones!

I've taken my walking shoes out of the box, dusted off the jump rope, and uncovered the dumb bells. The Tae Bo, Walking, and Hip-Hop dancing DVD's are sitting out, and calling my name every time I walk by. All I need now is motivation, and she's hiding. If you find her, send her home. She has a lot of work to do. All that crap is in the floor.


mr. nichols said...

Now's the perfect time. I've been trying to get back to working out myself, but it is all about discipline, and motivation, like you said. Haven't seen her, but if I do I will tell her you're looking for her. You might check the closet. That's where I found mine.

Café Chick said...

I'm sorry, but I need Motivation to visit me for a while first - although she's very late in getting to my place. We sound similar (apart from the 5 children!) but now I have hurt my back and can't see myself losing much weight while on bed rest.

Justice Ny said...

I'm pretty frustrated too when I look in the mirror. I don't even want to get on the scale for fear of seeing that same old big fat number again. Let me know WHAT makes you get up and go because I'll need to get some of that.

cardiogirl said...

That motivation is a tricky bitch, isn't she? She tempts you with thoughts of grandeur and then won't answer the phone.


La'Tonya Richardson said...

Mr. Nichols, I checked she wasn't there either!

Cafe Chick, I hope your back gets better soon. I know how injuries can stomp progress.

Justice Ny, as soon as I get some motivation, I'll trap a little and send it to you.

Cardiogirl, you are a NUT! But oh so right!

Chaotically Calm said...

I think you'll find her in the next pair of jeans that mysteriously don't fit.....just a thought wish you the best of luck though sometimes she's sneaky!

Traci Lavette said...

Hey Girl,

I feel you...too bad we don't live closer because we could get out and walk or even take turns in each others' living rooms with the Taebo! Love the Taebo!!! My weight has fluctuated for years and I am so sick of it and want to take control of it. My problem is like yours - the motivation. I have all my videos handy, my nice jump rope is in the box in the living room where I see each time I come in here, but consistency is not my friend. My weight, is mostly tied to whatever emotional state I am in at the moment, and it took me years to figure that out. I have found that the more water I drink, the more in control the weight is but there is SO MUCH more to do. Let's check in to see how it's going.

Oh yeah...another thing that I have used to assist me lately is to write down what I am eating in a given day and sometimes I am so mad at myself, but it helps me for the next day. Baby steps, but for me, better than none at all.


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