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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sexy vs. Comfort

Had this dilemma – I was all dressed for work, and looking for a pair of shoes to finish of the look. Pulling on one box a strappy black sandal, (with a two inch heel), fell out. I had forgotten about those. Perfect, this sandal adds a hint of SEXY. Initially, I was looking for my casual black Clark (three quarter inch rubber sole) sandals. Cute and comfortable, not sexy! The choice of sandal changes the look from an outfit, to an ensemble. My hair is done, pedicure on point, and feeling pretty good about myself this morning. It was a no brainer, sexy of course.

But there was a problem. Last night, all out of the blue, my hip and knee started hurting. My hip or knee has never hurt, and I did nothing to cause it. There was no prelude to the pain, just a headache in my hip and knee. It hurt so, that I was not just walking, but hopping. We had to run to Wal-Mart to pick up eggs, and Mr. Husband asked if I needed a cart.


I put the strappy sandal on, while I finished lining my eyes, putting on lip gloss, and fixing my lunch. All morning, I had been limping a little. My knee was no longer hurting, but the hip was still bothering me. I rubbed it down with alcohol, just like my Grand daddy when he’d say those Arthur boys were riding him (arthritis, for the slow folks). I walked around with those heels on, and I refused limp! I even did my model walk for my daughter and her friend.

Reasoning started setting in. What if I get to work and my hip starts to hurt like HELL? What if I have to take my shoes off and walk bare foot across the parking lot this evening? What if… Okay, I got tired of what if-ing and decided to take the comfortable shoes with me. Problem solved.

Then wisdom set in. I might as well put on the casual sandal and be comfortable. Sometimes I hate when sensibility kicks in. You better know, I will be sexy another day!


Madge said...

That's a tough one. I'm sad to say comfort almost always wins out for me..... I need to try the sexy again sometime..
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Chaotically Calm said...

This made me laugh....but come on LaTonya you have to sacrifice comfort for sexy at all times (ok most times. Speaking as someone who has early onset of osteoarthritis in her knees (this totally sucks) I refuse to allow it to repo my sexy. No way I'm just not having it. At night I just wrap my knees in an ace bandage, smother them in icy hot and pop a tylenol because I can't give up my heels for anyone or anything.

mr. nichols said...

this was funny. but would it be too much of a cliche to say sexy is a state of mind and you could still rock your casual sandals and be sexy?

disclaimer: i am a man so i could have absolutely no idea what i'm talking about.

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