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Friday, February 12, 2010

Just Ranting

It's been a long time since I ranted, and today, it's a must!

Monday of this week, the northern part of our state woke up to snow, and lots of it. The cut off was about 20 minutes from us. All we got was RAIN, and lots of it. Last night, the Southern part of my state was supposed to get snow. That would include us.

I woke up at 5 a.m. to peep outside. There was BARELY any snow! What the what?! I bought cookies, and extra snacks. We were going to make omelets, watch movies, and I was finally going to watch, 'I Am Legend.' It's like we're in a donut hole, and there was substantial snow fall all around us. I didn't want D.C., snow, just enough to cancel school today.

Moving on...

I finally got around to calling Entergy about my electricity bill. It DOUBLED from the previous month. I'm not exaggerating. Our last bill was $240 something, and the latest is $485.

After waiting for 15 minutes, due to the high call volume, I finally talked to a human. Very politely I explained my issue. There is no need to be ugly, especially when you're wanting information, or help from someone else.

This is where things started getting weird.

Miss customer service: On your bill, look at the F-E something or other.

Me: I can't find it.

Miss customer service: (In an irritated voice.) At the bottom of the bill.

Me: Do you have the results of the last meter reading? Are you going to read them from left to right, or right to left.

Miss customer service: Big sigh.

The problem I have is, she sits at that computer reading that crap everyday. It looks, and sounds like Greek to me. When I get the bill, I usually look at the amount, and pay it. I only call and ask questions when, IT'S DOUBLED!!! Duh.

I explained politely, her common sense, and understanding about kilo/kila watts, F-E whatever, and their billing, is NOT common to me.

Finally, all she could come up with was, the price of fuel has gone up.

Since I like turning on lights, enjoying heat, cooking and using other appliances that make my life more simple... I will not protest by refusing to pay the bill. BUT KNOW, I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT!

I feel better. Thanks for listening. D.C. watch out, your electricity bill is on the way!


tristan said...

You're a better person that me!!! I would've have thrown a MAJOR b.f. over that. I have worked in customer service several times over the last few years, specifically in call center settings, and that is just plain unacceptable.

Stesha said...

It snowed in our town for a few hours, but not enough to make a snowball! I'm happy for what we did get, because usually it doesn't snow here at all in Louisiana.

My electric bill has also doubled over the last couple of months. I wish it would stop doubling and almost tripling soon, or else we will be lighting candles!

Hugs and Mocha,

オテモヤン said...


Banteringblonde said...

See... that is where I would have asked to talk to a supervisor! lol

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